Your session was so incredibly thoughtful and your approach so gentle that it has been life-altering for me. You touched on issues, some of which I could not pinpoint nor give voice to, but now I can and will. Thank you, Stephen.

Anonymous training participant

I appreciate your kind way and your wisdom, as this is one of the biggest transitions (besides becoming parents) that we have undertaken.

Jennifer M.

You truly helped me regain some of the strength I lost in this situation. I feel more empowered and able to stand firm than I have in a long time.

Sydney H.

Thanks for helping us navigate our separation, I certainly wouldn’t feel the way I do now if we hadn’t had the proper support and guidance.

Natalie B.

I feel like I’ve learned countless lessons through the process that’ll help in life moving forward. Thank you for that!

Kevin B.

It’s hard to express how grateful I am to all of you for being so involved with our family in very personal ways. I never would had ever guessed that professional relationships could be so meaningful.

Helen L.

I felt you were very, very, very helpful and I really appreciate it greatly. It’s made a huge difference in terms of the quality of our interactions and my sense of family.

Dianna M.

Thank you so much for your very effective mediation. It was masterful to behold and experience. I had very little optimism going into the session that we would come away with an agreement. In the very last hour, when you pulled us together, it was like magic. I am still not sure how you did it. . . . Losing parents must always be a significant turning point. With the agreement in hand, I have begun to grieve in earnest—about the loss of my mother and the damage to our relationships as siblings. Thank you for the freedom and a beginning of a resolution for me personally.

Laura P.

Your efforts to get us to an agreement exceeded what I believed was possible — an opinion I held until almost the very end of the day. I try not to think of myself as cynical, but your ability to get us to where we are today has me awestruck and extremely appreciative.

Don P.

You made a very difficult process less so, and it was everything I hoped it could be in terms of professionalism, sensitivity, and affordability.

Vickie S.