You were such a tremendous help in such a difficult period.

Robin K.

Brilliant mediation, Steve. Thanks so much for your expert assistance.

Terry B.

Steve’s guidance and mediation techniques helped me understand our situation and reconcile the issues with minimal angst. Settlement terms were reached for child custody and support, division of assets, and all other issues in quick order, which allowed us to complete the process in a timely fashion. Steve also helped me through some personal challenges I had regarding the divorce, and as a result he shortened the time it has taken me to forgive and move on.

Robb O.

You did a wonderful job for [the parties] in a case that had a real capacity for turning into an expensive, time consuming train wreck.

Attorney R. W.

Steve was very, very, very helpful and I really appreciate it greatly. He made a huge difference in terms of the quality of our interactions and my sense of family.

Diana M.

Steve was amazing in his ability to analyze what was going on with both of us and suggest ways to move ahead.

Cathy T.

Thank you for all you brought to the [mediation]. It well could have been a different result without your gifts. Your ability to empathize with both parties, to shift focus to where it needed to go, made a huge difference.

Attorney R. H.

Dr. Sulmeyer conducted the mediation with solemnity, dignity and sensitivity. These qualities, together with Dr. Sulmeyer’s thorough preparation, promoted an atmosphere of trust, cooperation and respect. As the mediation unfolded, both parties gained increasing confidence that their respective needs and concerns were being addressed.

Randolph B.

Steve led us through the mediation process with integrity, respect, and humor. He has an uncanny ability to ‘see’ and appropriately respond to each individual while maintaining a strong, cohesive spirit of collaboration. Because of the work done with Steve, my ex-husband and I have solid respectful relationship.

Aileen B.

A consummate professional.

Charles G.